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ACoS: Chapter 10

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Unseen Eyes


Egwene POV - Back in her tent, Selame is waiting to undress her for bed. She seems to be a foolish twit. Chesa was a gift from Sheriam. Egwene thinks that she will not allow Nicola and Areina to ruin her plans. She sends Selame away, then puts the useless a'dam bracelet in her jewelry box. She looks out the flap of the tent and sees a woman watching her tent.1 She goes to sleep and enters the gap between reality and Tel'aran'rhiod. She goes to Nynaeve's and Elayne's dreams and tells them to keep after the weather ter'angreal, about the problem with Nicola and Areina, and that Moghedien is gone. She cannot touch Rand's dreams because he is shielded, although his shield is different from a woman's. Aes Sedai shield their dreams with Spirit. She touches Amys and asks for a meeting. Gawyn's dream approaches and she flees to the Stone of Tear to wait for the Wise Ones. She thinks her mother Marin would let her marry Gawyn. Ogier stedding cannot be entered in Tel'aran'rhiod. The Hall has control of the dream ter'angreal Elayne has made so Sheriam, Romanda and Lelaine can use them if they choose. In Tel'aran'rhiod you always feel like someone is watching you. She is too scared of Moghedien to have tried to find her dreams. She considers trying to find Logain's dreams. Amys, Bair and Melaine arrive. She tells them she is Amyrlin now. Sorilea wants her to marry, but she knows (from her dreams) that she will bond Gawyn and hopes to marry him. Since she became Amyrlin they will not tell her any more about Rand's plans. They tell her Merana Ambrey and the others followed Rand to Cairhien, but took no pigeons. She asks them not to tell Rand she is Amyrlin. She warns them that Moghedien hates her and would hurt her friends; she knows at least as much about Tel'aran'rhiod as Lanfear did. The Wise Ones have glimpsed the Forsaken in Tel'aran'rhiod, but they do not mess with each other. They think male dreamwalkers are very rare. Amys and Melaine are about as strong as Theodrin and Faolain, above average for Aes Sedai. They all leave. Egwene thinks of the only dream she has interpreted, Gawyn becoming her Warder.2 Dreaming and dreamwalking have nothing to do with the One Power. Back in her body she has more dreams -


  1. Who is it?
  2. She interprets her dream from LoC,Ch15 in LoC,Ch25.
  3. Mat and Aludra's dragons.
  4. Possibly Narishma with Callandor. (TPoD,Ch23)

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