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ACoS: Chapter 29

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The Festival of Birds


Mat POV - Mat is worried about the dice. He is ready to go out with Olver, but Tylin appears with a maid, Riselle. Riselle takes Olver to the Festival of Birds, though Olver would rather go to the rich races at the Circuit of Heaven. Tylin forces Mat into bed. She leaves him a festival eagle mask. Mat meets Nalesean and Birgitte in a courtyard and Beslan joins them with six friends. A group of fake beggars attack them; one named Spar works for Old Cully. Real beggars attack the fake ones. They go on to the tavern by the Kin house. Beslan's friends get bored and leave. Beslan thinks Mat is good for Tylin! His father died ten years ago. Mat is so upset he gets up to go for a walk shouting that "they'll have to find it for themselves." Just then a woman leaves the Kin house and he follows her.

Reanne Corly POV - Reanne watches Solain walk down the street. She sees Mat but does not know him or worry about him. She felt compelled to send Solain this morning; she has felt it for the last few days.1 Normally the order2 is given at the half moon, still five nights off.3 There is a meeting of the twelve Elders of whom she is the Eldest.


  1. The effect of Mat being ta'veren.
  2. To go check on the *angreal stash.
  3. Early printings read "six nights off". This is being corrected to agree with the timeline in ACoS,Ch38.

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