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AMoL: Chapter 11

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Just Another Sell-sword


Egwene POV -

Mat POV - Mat rides Pips as he returns to Ebou Dar. He wears a bandage around his head, covering the missing eye. Tinkers continue to mass around the city. Not wanting to be recognized, he hides his hat and covers the ashandarei. After the death of Tylin, he worries that he might be under suspicion. Beslan probably hates him. At the Dal Eira Gate, a guard questions him. He claims to be just a sell-sword, an attendant to House Haak in Murandy. He lost the eye in the Tween Forest. As Mat passes through the gate, he recognizes another of the guards as Petra from Valan Luca�s circus. He wants to find an inn but Setalle's is not an option. With Seanchan rule there are no longer many duels, even in the Rahad. He checks one inn, The Winter Blossom, but leaves when he sees Deathwatch Guards. He does not want to chance meeting Furyk Karede. After many other inns, Mat hears dice and enters The Yearly Brawl. The innkeeper is Kathana and her husband is Jame.1 Kathana�s bossiness reminds Mat of Nynaeve. Mat gives his name as Mandevwin. Jame thinks Mat is an assassin sent after the new Empress. Mat is immediately on alert and asks who is sending the assassins. Jame says it is Lunal Galgan.2 Mat takes out his hat and puts it on and then Kathana recognizes him. Every guard in the city is looking for Mat. Mat goes to warn Tuon.

Rand POV -


  1. Jennifer (Kathana) and James Liang!
  2. Mat does not understand the Seanchan �game� of assassination, that these attempts are normal and expected.

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