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AMoL: Chapter 6

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A Knack


Perrin POV - Moiraine has just entered the pavilion. The crowd goes quiet. Perrin thinks of Mat and has a vision of Mat riding a horse on a dusty road, tinkering something he held in his hands. 1 Rand greets Moiraine. King Roedran wonders aloud who she is and gets hit by a thread of Air by Egwene. Nynaeve and Min are shocked by her appearance. Thom steps into the tent behind Moiraine. Moiraine continues to greet others, including Nynaeve who gives her a huge hug. The conversation turns to the [[Dragon's Peace]]. King Roedran again wonders aloud who she is and again gets hit by a thread of Air, this time by Grady. Moiraine starts reciting from the Karaethon Cycle to explain the current situation. A Brown speaks up and says that there is a flaw since the Seanchan are exempt from it. Elayne adds that it also does not allow for settling disputes, which will lead to massive war. Rand adds a provision that if the Seanchan do not sign, then the document is void. Then Aviendha complains that the Aiel are not included and they will leave if they remain excluded. Rand includes them and then Perrin suggests that the Aiel be used to enforce the document. Moiraine then asks Rand why he must command the armies. They then discuss who should command the armies. They agree that it should be someone who is going to battle. They then talk about the seals. Moiraine informs Egwene that Rand will not break the seals, but Egwene, as Watcher of the Seals, will. Rand agrees and hands three seals to Egwene, who accepts them. Egwene then signs the document, with the others following, except for Elayne. Rand offers her command of the armies. They all reluctantly agree and Elayne signs the document. Rand then asks for some help for a friend in need.

Lan POV - Lan and his army is at Tarwin's Gap. They had seized the Gap at first and have been holding it since, though being slowly pushed back. However, the Shadowspawn are massing for their next attack and Lan knows that this will be the last push before they fall. Lan tells everyone to mount up and prepare to retreat. After they retreat, they will attack one more time until the Shadowspawn break through and overrun them. He tells Kaisel to pass the orders and then Kaisel asks whether they will be overrun. Lan acknowledges that and Kaisel simply nods without complaining, which impresses Lan. Lan's forces retreat and line up for the final charge. Lan forgives Bulen for any failing on his part. As the enemy surge out of the Gap, Lan's forces charge. As they start their final charge, Lan notices that their force of six thousand sounds like much more. He turns his head and finds at least ten thousand behind him. Then gateways start opening and more horsemen enter the field, bringing Lan's forces to a hundred thousand. Asha'man send weaves into the Trollocs' front rank and destroy them. Lan's forces then hit the middle ranks. Lan orders Andere back to camp for Healing, but Andere wants to see Lan smile first. Lan not only smiles, but laughs. Lan calls on [[Jophil]] to raise his banner high.


  1. Working on his crossbow.

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