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AMoL: Chapter 8

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That Smoldering City


Elayne POV - Elayne rides out of a [[gateway]] on Moonshadow to a spot northwest of Caemlyn. The area had been secured and Captain Guybon salutes her as the Queen's Guard surrounds Elayne. She notes that she hadn't ruled Caemlyn for 100 days before it was lost. Talmanes tells her that there are tens of thousands of Trollocs in the city, but not hundreds of thousands. Elayne is sad that Mat hasn't corrupted him more, as he hasn't cursed once. Gateways open and the rest of her troops come through, which include siswai'aman, Queen's Guard and Andoran regulars under the command of Birgitte and Guybon. Other Aiel traveled north to Shayol Ghul with Rand. Perrin's Wise Ones are also there, along with the Band and their dragons, some Kinswomen and the rest of Perrin's forces, including Mayene's Winged Guards, the Ghealdanin cavalry, Whitecloaks and a company of Two Rivers archers with Tam. Lastly were the [[Wolf Guard]] and Captain Bashere, who doesn't talk to Elayne like a man should talk to a Queen, and his Legion of the Dragon. Elayne's babies are kicking and elbowing her stomach, which reminds her that Melfane found goat's milk. Elayne asks for a report and Birgitte and Bashere tell her that the burning in Caemlyn has mostly died out, with half the city standing. It seems as though the Halfmen are reigning in the Trollocs, but Bashere says that they do not know what the Halfmen's goals are. Dannil steps up and tells Elayne that Perrin's men are set up in the forest. Talmanes confirms that his dragons are almost in position. Bashere asks Elayne to confirm that she wants to go through with her plan, and she says yes, so Bashere puts the plan into action and Elayne rides along the front line. He returns to tell her that the basements of many of the still-standing buildings have been filled with oil and once Birgitte returns to say that the Kinswomen are ready with [[gateway]]s, they can proceed. Elayne asks what Bashere thinks of her going into battle pregnant. He thinks it's a good idea and he also asks when she's going to tell everyone that it's Rand's child. He can tell the child is Rand's and not Mellar's. Birgitte rides up and Elayne gives the signal to burn Caemlyn. The Kinswomen open [[gateway]]s and men throw lit torches into the basements. Elayne then tells Birgitte to tell everyone that Rand is the father of her children.

Androl POV -


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