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New Spring: Chapter 13

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Business in the City


Moiraine POV � Moiraine and Siuan go down to the main dining hall for dinner. No one has mentioned the Sun Throne to Moiraine since Tsutama, but she is sure that is still the plan for her. After dinner they are summoned back to Eadyth who gives them letters-of-rights for one thousand gold crowns. They will receive that much every year and more if needed.1 Siuan insists on depositing hers in the White Tower bank, but Moiraine goes to her own banker Ilain Dormaile. Moiraine's family has been banking with her family for years. She tells Moiraine that, nine days ago,2 a tall Cairhienin man dressed as a Tower Guard captain giving his name as Ries Gorthanes tried to pry into her affairs. She had him detained, but he bribed the guards. Moiraine never received her letter, so she assumes that the Tower confiscated it hoping to lull her. Nevertheless, someone who does not want her on the Sun Throne figured out their plan and is taking action. She starts planning and gives Mistress Dormaile instructions.3 The next day, after asking for recommendations, Moiraine and Siuan pay a call on Tamore Alkohima to order dresses. Moiraine orders twenty dresses while Siuan embarrasses her by being parsimonious. She tries to instruct Siuan in cultured protocol. Before leaving, Moiraine orders five more riding dresses in Cairhienin style with six slashes in red, green and white.3 She will send someone to pick them up rather than have them delivered. The second part of her plan is accomplished.4


  1. Where does all this money come from? The Aes Sedai get their money the same way as most nobility, income from property such as estates and tariffs, levies and tributes.
  2. Barely more than a week after King Laman was killed.
  3. The colors of House Damodred.
  4. To be prepared for a quick and surreptitious escape.

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