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New Spring: Chapter 4

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Leaving the Tower


Moiraine POV � The Accepted scramble back to their rooms to prepare to leave the White Tower on Tamra's orders. Besides Moiraine and Siuan, there are Meidani, Brendas, Katerine Alruddin, Carlinya, Alanna, Pritalle, Edesina, Temaile, Desandre, Coladara and Atuan.1 They all head to the West Stable where grooms and Tower Guards have saddled horses waiting.2 Moiraine's horse is Arrow; she was sent to Merean for jumping. The first group of Accepted head to the Sunset Gate. Moiraine's party is led by a tall, grizzled bannerman named Steler.3 They leave the White Tower through the Sunset Gate and head southwest to the Alindaer Gate, the most southerly of the three western gates of Tar Valon. Tar Valon is a melting pot of ethnicities. Much of the city was Ogier built. They pass an inn called The Blue Cat and the Great Fish Market. Outside of Tar Valon they pass through the village of Alindaer and head south. Siuan is disappointed that they do not head more west toward Dragonmount. At the first camp two miles downriver Sarene is already collecting names. Only Ellid is more beautiful. They ride to the next camp another mile south and begin collecting names.


  1. At least three of these will become Black Ajah. Is this a hint that others may be as well?
  2. By inference, all the other known Accepted were there: Aisling, Aledrin, Ellid, Myrelle, Sarene, Sheriam, Tarna and Zemaille.
  3. Another of the soldiers accompanying them is Malvin. (NS,Ch5)

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