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The Official Wheel of Time Encyclopedia

Harriet MacDougal has contracted with Tom Doherty Associates to produce an official encyclopedia for The Wheel of Time. There is no information yet on timing, but it will almost certainly be published after the mass market paperback of A Memory of Light.

Other Planned Books

Before his passing, Robert Jordan stated that he had thirty years' worth of writing floating around in his head. Although it is unlikely that any of these will be written and published here are the projects he spoke about.


Robert Jordan planned to write a total of three short (for him) novels to complement the Wheel of Time main chronology, the first being New Spring. The second prequel was to be the story of how Tam al'Thor found baby Rand on Dragonmount and returned to the Two Rivers. The third was to be the story of how Moiraine and Lan arrived at the Two Rivers just in the nick of time.

Outrigger Novels

In addition to the main chronology and the three prequel novellas, Robert Jordan said that he had an idea that might lead to another two or three novels set in the Wheel of Time world. These would be "outrigger" stories, not a part of the main storyline. He said he had to think about them and flesh out the idea for a couple of years before deciding whether or not they would be worth writing. Later, in his blog, he hinted that the story would be about Mat and Tuon in Seanchan after the Last Battle.

Infinity of Heaven

The following note appeared in the April 2005 issue of Locus magazine:

ROBERT JORDAN sold the first three books in his new Infinity of Heaven series, "high fantasy with a touch of Shogun," to Tom Doherty at Tor.

The storyline of this new series was to be a fellow shipwrecked on a land with a Seanchan-like culture. Robert Jordan planned to begin writing this new series after he finished the main chronology of The Wheel of Time.

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