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River of Souls

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Coming May 2013


River of Souls

From Brandon Sanderson: "I've been getting questions about 'Unfettered,' an anthology next year with a Wheel of Time story in it. Blog post next week. The 'story' is actually a deleted sequence from AMoL we cut for pacing reasons. We donated it to Shawn to help pay his medical bills. As I said, I will blog this soon. It is from the viewpoint of someone you know, but not one of the main characters."

In a video Brandon says, "The story is a series of scenes from the point of view of one character that was cut from AMoL. The scenes form a complete story arc."

There is a sequence of viewpoints in A Memory of Light�it�s a character you will know that I was working on that were somewhat more daring than some of the viewpoints I have done.

Sequence of deleted scenes. They are a complete arc of a certain character. They are meant to be read companionly to A Memory of Light.

In an online chat Brandon Sanderson confirmed that the character is Demandred.


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