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TDR: Chapter 14

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The Bite of the Thorns


Egwene POV - Siuan angrily speaks of the Black Ajah to Egwene and Nynaeve. She lists whom she can really trust, considering Leane, Sheriam, Verin and Moiraine.1 Because of what happened to the girls, Siuan has to believe that they, at least, are not Black Ajah. Liandrin and the others probably fled because they learned that the girls were returning. They are the only ones she can truly trust, so she will send Nynaeve and Egwene to hunt down the Black Ajah. She will not send Elayne because of the problems with Morgase. Verin will give them all the information on the Black Ajah sisters and the missing ter'angreal.2 Siuan says they will mainly have to operate under the limitations of Accepted, but she gives them two letters authorizing them to act in the name of the Amyrlin Seat. Nynaeve asks about Mat, but Siuan tells them to go to their rooms and rest, then report to Sheriam.


  1. Interesting that, of the four Siuan considers safest, at least two of them, Verin and Sheriam, have hidden agendas of some sort.
  2. Verin will give the information to Egwene in TDR,Ch21.

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