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TDR: Chapter 25

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Egwene POV - Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne are in Nynaeve's room. They are tired from a short, restless night and sore from their visits to Sheriam. Elayne continues to study Verin's list of the Black Ajah and stolen ter'angreal. Egwene had numerous dreams that she thinks may have meaning:

Anaiya told her that dreams about ta'veren are almost always significant, the more strongly ta'veren the more certain the significance. Nynaeve thinks the list is a waste of time, but Elayne analyzes more deeply and concludes that the even distribution of Ajah and nations means that they were selected to be evenly distributed. This there are more of the Black Ajah still in the White Tower. They note some of the characteristics of the Black Ajah members, Amico Nagoyin10, Joiya Byir, Rianna, Chesmal Emry and Marillin Gemalphin. The list of stolen ter'angreal helps very little. Thirteen were studied by Corianin Nedeal and/or have something to do with sleep. The use of most is unknown. They include:

They discuss whom they can trust, Alanna, Sheriam, Verin, Elaida, and finally conclude that they can trust only themselves. They argue about using the twisted ring but finally agree that Egwene should try it that night. Egwene suddenly notes that Else Grinwell is standing in the doorway listening and looking at the twisted ring. She tells them that Siuan sent her with a message - directions to the basement location where all the belongings of Liandrin and the others were collected.11 She quickly leaves and Egwene runs after her. Turning a corner, Egwene is confronted by a regal woman in white and silver.12 The woman tells her to leave and the command is so strong that she automatically obeys. When she turns after a few steps the woman is gone. Egwene searches the gallery but only sees two Accepted, one is Faolain.


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  3. Be'lal's trap for Rand when he takes Callandor. (TDR,Ch55)
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  10. Amico's age was originally given as only four years older than Egwene and Elayne. Now she is about fifteen years older, consistent with the loss of the ageless look in TSR,Ch5.
  11. Siuan sent no such message. (TDR,Ch29)
  12. Lanfear

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