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TDR: Chapter 43

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Perrin POV - Lan asks Perrin how he knew about the Gray Men. Their taint is not strong enough for Lan or Moiraine to sense. Perrin tells him about the smell and about smelling them at Jarra and Remen. Lan, Perrin, Loial and Faile go outside to scout. Perrin smells the sulfurous odor again. Lan finds footprints in stone leading up to the inn and then away. He says there have not been Darkhounds about since the Trolloc Wars. Perrin asks Lan why neither he nor Moiraine sensed the Darkhound, but Lan does not know.1 Lan goes off to find Moiraine and the others go to bed.

Perrin has several dreams:

Hopper appears and again warns Perrin of danger. Perrin asks Hopper to explain the dreams. Hopper tries, but Perrin does not understand. He asks why Hopper showed him Ba'alzamon and Lanfear. Hopper thinks Heartfang and Moonhunter and answers that the Last Hunt is coming. Perrin tells him about the Gray Men and Darkhound. Hopper thinks Notdead and Shadowbrother. Hopper tells him to flee and knocks him off the cliff.

Perrin wakes with Faile in his room. Moiraine enters looking pale and tells them the Forsaken are loose and one rules in Illian.


  1. Most likely it was warded as the Draghkar at Tifan's Well. (TGH,Ch22)
  2. Most likely it is Sammael's dreams Perrin is picking up. Sammael always wished himself to be tall.
  3. Liandrin
  4. Lanfear

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