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TDR: Chapter 45

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Mat POV - Mat and Thom arrive in Caemlyn early in the morning. Thom goes to the The Queen's Blessing while Mat goes to deliver Elayne's letter. At the Royal Palace, Mat mentions Tar Valon and the guard1 chases him away. Mat goes back to The Queen's Blessing. He remembers the stableman, Ramey, and the cook, Coline. He also notes Lamgwin Dorn but cannot remember his name. On seeing him, Coline recalls that he was with Rand who looked like Tigraine. Mat meets Thom and Basel Gill in the library. He notes The Travels of Jain Farstrider and thinks that he always meant to read it. Master Gill tells him Morgase has a new advisor, Lord Gaebril, who has been here only a short time. Gareth Bryne was forced to retire. Lord Gaebril has replaced much of the Queen's Guard with his own men. The relationship between Andor and Tar Valon is considerably worse since he arrived. Mat mentions the letter surprising Gill. Thom did not tell him about it. He asks Mat what the letter says, but Mat denies knowing. Gill tells him that he will deliver it or he suggests how Mat can placate the guards and be allowed in. Mat says he has his own way of getting in and leaves.


  1. His name is Elber. (TDR,Ch46)

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