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TEotW: Chapter 44

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The Dark Along the Ways


Rand POV - It is pitch black outside.1 Rand and Mat follow Moiraine to the back of the inn where Master Gill is waiting with Lan, Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve and Loial. The stablemen have the horses ready, including Aldieb and Mandarb. The head groom, Ramey, gives Rand a horse named Red. Moiraine tells Gill that if he has any trouble he should contact Sheriam of the Blue Ajah in Tar Valon.2 Loial leads them to a basement where the Waygate is located. Moiraine opens it by moving the Avendesora leaf. After he passes through, Rand notes that the others seem to be moving slowly. Time passes faster in the Ways. Moiraine closes the Waygate and Loial leads the way, reading the directions on the Guidings. The Ways seem familiar to Rand.3 Eventually they come to a break in one of the bridges.


  1. Assume this means there is no moon.
  2. Most curious why Moiraine would specify Sheriam, the Mistress of Novices.
  3. From one of Ba'alzamon's dreams. (TEotW,Ch24)

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