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TFoH: Chapter 11

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The Nine Horse Hitch


Siuan Sanche POV - Siuan, Leane, Min and Logain ride through the Shilene Gate into Lugard. They have been on the road for weeks since Kore Springs. Siuan has let Logain take charge. She thinks he has no idea what she has planned for him.1 Lugard is supposedly the capital of Murandy and the seat of King Roedran, but in reality he has little power. They stop at The Nine Horse Hitch and Siuan painfully dismounts Bela. Siuan then goes in search of a Blue Ajah agent she knows. She passes several other inns, The Farrier's Hammer, The Dancing Bear, The Silver Pig, The Domani Wench's Kiss and finally finds the one she wants.2 The innkeeper is Duranda Tharne, the Blue Ajah agent. One of her patrons is Pel. Susu provides entertainment. Siuan tried to find another agent in Four Kings but she had vanished.3 Siuan tells Duranda Tharne that the White Tower is split and that Elaida is now Amyrlin. She gives Siuan a code name, Sallie Daera, and asks her to tell Aeldene4 that she is still loyal. Siuan leaves and she is ecstatic. She knows that the code name really means Salidar, the birthplace of Deane Aryman who replaced Bonwhin as Amyrlin and restored the White Tower. She passes some Whitecloaks on her way back to The Nine Horse Hitch.

Min POV - Min is sitting at a table in The Nine Horse Hitch near Leane and Logain. Min wishes she could handle Rand the way Leane handles all the men surrounding her. Siuan returns and tells her they must head south immediately.


  1. Her plan to have Logain lie about being set up by the Red Ajah. (TFoH,Ch27)
  2. The Good Night's Ride (TFoH,Ch12)
  3. No clue who she might be.
  4. Head of the Blue Ajah eyes-and-ears. She took over the position after Siuan was raised to the Amyrlin Seat but Siuan did not know that until now.

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