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TFoH: Chapter 28

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Gareth Bryne POV - Bryne rides into Salidar on Traveler. He notes several Aes Sedai, then a Warder approaches. Salidar was abandoned during the Whitecloak War and he has heard rumors that Ailron means to claim this bank of the River Eldar for Amadicia meaning the Whitecloaks. The Warder introduces himself as Nuhel Dromand and takes Bryne to the inn where he sees Serenla and Dalyn, Amaena and Mara. Nuhel introduces him to Sheriam, Anaiya, Myrelle, Carlinya, Beonin and Morvrin. He tells them why he is in Salidar. From their behavior, he thinks Carlinya and Beonin reek of ambition. They tell him he cannot have the girls yet and disclose that "Amaena" and "Mara" are in fact Leane and Siuan. He does not object to waiting in Salidar until the Aes Sedai are done with them. They give him Siuan as his bodyservant. He lets them know that he has figured out that the White Tower is broken and they want him to build them an army to take down Elaida. His conditions are that he has control, he manages his men, and that they will see it through to the end. The Aes Sedai discuss his proposal with Sheriam, Anaiya and Myrelle for it, Morvrin and Carlinya against, and Beonin in the middle. In the end, they agree to accept. Meanwhile, Bryne talks with Siuan and Leane. He asks why it was so important that she upbraid him over having his men in Murandy. She says the Aes Sedai were supporting a young Murandian lord, Dulain, who could unite the country. In embarrassment she admits that he was killed a month later. Bryne vows an oath of fealty to the Aes Sedai, then begins planning. He will send Joni and Barim to Ebou Dar to recruit men and Thad Haren and a couple of Warders across the river to scout the Whitecloaks.

Min POV - Min notes a bustle of activity among the Aes Sedai, then follows Siuan. Siuan is already carrying Bryne's laundry. She tells Siuan about her latest viewing of Bryne.

Min has only had one other viewing with an "if" in it and it was equally deadly.3 Siuan hands the laundry to Min and leaves. Furious, Min blames Rand for her predicament.


  1. Severing his ties to Morgase.
  2. This is fulfilled and we learn the reason for the "if" in TGS,Ch41.
  3. Gawyn kneeling at Egwene's feet or breaking her neck. (TSR,Ch47)

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