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TFoH: Chapter 29

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Memories of Saldaea


Hadnan Kadere POV - Kadere and his men are camped a quarter mile from the Cairhienin town of Eianrod. Kadere thinks about his childhood and his older sister Teodora. He has been a Darkfriend since he was a boy. So far, Moiraine's plans coincide with his own, so he might accompany her all to way to Tar Valon. He has a note from a fellow Darkfriend telling him that he is not alone. From the writing he thinks it is an Aiel woman.1 After Keille Shaogi2 disappeared nearly two months ago,3 Lanfear visited his dreams. She left instructions to watch Rand and Natael,2 and left him with burn scars for proof. Kadere is worried about the note. He fears being caught between two of the Chosen. Isendre scratches on his door and enters wearing her black robe. She has been sharing Natael's bed, but he only wants sex and music. She has not learned anything. She cannot get near Rand because he is sleeping with Aviendha.4 Kadere tells her to try harder, but Isendre refuses. She breaks down telling Kadere that Adelin, Enaila and Jolien caught her near Rand again. They shaved her head and beat her with nettles. Realizing that she is broken, Kadere uses his handkerchief to garrote her. As he strangles Isendre, Kadere thinks about how he strangled his beloved sister when she found out he was a Darkfriend. He butchers Isendre's body to dispose of it.


  1. Is this Melindhra or someone else?
  2. Kadere thinks Keille and Natael are just high level Darkfriends.
  3. This places the timing as nearly two months since the end of TSR.
  4. Not true, but this is what she believes. The consequences of this news will be dire. (TFoH,Ch52)

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