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TFoH: Chapter 44

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The Lesser Sadness


Rand POV - Rand is still on the tower and the battle rages. It is an hour till noon and he is exhausted even though he has been using the little fat man. Egwene and Aviendha spell each other. Rand wishes he could help them, but he has no skill at Healing. Rand looks for Melanril and his troops. He appointed Melanril to lead the Tairens and Cairhienin after he sent Weiramon back to Tear. Suddenly, lightning strikes among the Maidens around the tower and Rand can feel saidin. At first he thinks it is Asmodean. The lightning marches to the tower and the tower falls. Rand grabs both Egwene and Aviendha before he lands and passes out. He wakes with Aviendha staring in his face pleading with him not to die. The old wound in his side is bleeding. Egwene is bandaging Sulin's head. Many Maidens including Jolien are dead. Rand can feel the saidin residue leading west and realizes that the attacker was Sammael.1 A young Aiel runs up and identifies himself as Seirin of the Shorara Tomanelle. He brings news from Han that the four clans to the east are moving. It is not clear if they intend to aid or attack. Han will join Dhearic and Erim. Rand sends for Jeade'en so he can move closer to the city. Aviendha then orders Mist. Rand realizes the all the Maidens intent to accompany him, so he compromises, ordering the wounded to stay behind. Sorilea arrives with a dozen other Wise Ones to tend the wounded. Rand heads toward Cairhien.

Mat POV - It is mid-afternoon. Mat has led three skirmishes with the Shaido and still has three thousand men with him. He leads Pips as he scouts around. The battle has brought him back near the area of Rand's camp. He does not think that Moiraine or Melindhra will let him get away again. Estean and Nalesean arrive. Nalesean leads the cavalry since Melanril was killed. Talmanes and Daerid are with them. They report that another band of Aiel is approaching and that Couladin himself is with them. The men are developing a deep respect for Mat's battle skill and luck. Mat again feels the dice rolling in his head as they return to the battle.2

Rand POV - It is two hours past dusk and there is a crescent moon. Rand still rides Jeade'en. He thinks about Sammael's and recalls that his name was Tel Janin and that he was intensely jealous. The voice in his head says he would give anything for Ilyena.3 He is so tired that he is giddy and cannot think straight. Sulin holds Jeade'en's reins and tells him that the Wise Ones need to talk to him. Egwene and Aviendha went to help Moiraine and the Wise Ones. Sulin and Enaila lead Jeade'en back to the camp. Rand still worries about Sammael and Couladin. Back in the camp he sees Moiraine still Healing the wounded. Lan is with her. Asmodean is also helping. Sulin sends Enaila and Adelin to Moiraine with a message. Asmodean comes over. Rand tells him that he remembers Sammael. He was named Sammael, Destroyer of Hope in the Old Tongue, after he betrayed the Gates of Hevan and brought the Shadow into Rorn M'doi and Satelle. Culan Cuhan was another name. Asmodean goes white as he hears the names. Lan comes over and tells Rand that the Wise Ones are meeting with Wise Ones of the Miagoma, Codarra, Daryne and Shiande. All the clans are coming to Rand. Rand starts to issue more orders, but Lan finally gets him to understand that the Shaido are all crossing the River Gaelin. Rand has won a complete victory. Rand feels faint and falls from his horse. Lan shouts for Moiraine as Sulin cradles his head. He feels a trickle of saidin from Asmodean and passes out.4


  1. Rand assumes that it is Sammael, but it could possibly be Rahvin or even Demandred.
  2. This started in TFoH,Ch42.
  3. Lews Therin's thoughts again.
  4. Asmodean's best effort at Healing. (TFoH,Ch45)

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