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TFoH: Chapter 55

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The Threads Burn


Rand POV - Rand chases Rahvin through the Royal Palace. He has the little fat man angreal. Lews Therin's thoughts mix with his own. Lews Therin moans about the loss of Ilyena Sunhair. He confronts two dozen men led by a Fade and freezes them. Going the way they came, he passes two servants cowering against the wall. He strains to feel Rahvin channel. Asmodean told him it was like looking for a lion in high grass. He walks on down the hall then dodges as Rahvin tries to balefire him. Rand returns the favor then runs down the hall, through a sitting room and into a courtyard with a fountain. He no longer hears Lews Therin's voice. He senses the residue of a gateway. He Travels and finds himself in an image of the same place.1 It reminds him of his chase in the Stone of Tear. Rahvin tries to turn him into Lews Therin, but Rand resists. Rand sends lightnings all around then goes back into the palace to find Rahvin.

Nynaeve POV - Nynaeve and Moghedien dodge balefire in the Royal Palace. Moghedien is in a panic. Rand and Rahvin are in Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh and so are much stronger. Nynaeve remembers the aftermath when Nela Thane talked her into stealing a pudding from Corin Ayellin. She uses the same to punish Moghedien until she finally agrees to cooperate. They follow the sounds of the continuing battle.

Rand POV - Rand avoids Rahvin's traps as he follows. He nearly drowns in a fishpond and is seriously bitten before he can change it back. He sees another gateway and goes toward it, but it is a trap. He feels himself turning into an animal and saidin begins to slip away. He knows Rahvin must be nearby but he can do nothing.

Nynaeve POV - Nynaeve and Moghedien follow Rahvin's footsteps and finally see him looking down through a window. Nynaeve tries to flash fry him, but he is still alive and turns on them.

Rand POV - Rand sees the fire and feels the trap dissolve. Now full of saidin again, he sees Rahvin and balefires him with all his power. He then rushes upstairs to make sure he is dead.

Nynaeve POV - Nynaeve sees the flash of the balefire and Rahvin is gone. Moghedien weeps in relief. Rand comes up some stairs and Nynaeve changes the appearance of the a'dam so he will not recognize it. Rand realizes that this is the place where she meets Egwene. Nynaeve tells him that the Wise Ones say entering Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh is dangerous and evil, but he does not listen. She Heals his recent injuries,2 then confirms that she saw Rahvin die. He asks her to tell Elayne to forget him and passes on Lan's message that Nynaeve should forget him. Then he disappears. Moghedien is impressed with Rand. Nynaeve creates a cup of forkroot tea and gives it to Moghedien to drink. As Moghedien gets drowsy, Nynaeve notes that she knew Birgitte was alive and who Faolain and Siuan are. She tells Moghedien that she will see her in Salidar. Moghedien faints from shock and disappears, then Nynaeve steps out of the Dream.

Rand POV - Back in the Royal Palace, Rand goes out to the main courtyard and finds the battle still in progress. He picks off the Trollocs and Fades with more balefire. Eventually those that are left flee. He sees Mat,3 Aviendha, and Asmodean alive again and is overjoyed. Lamelle and Pevin are dead. He tells them that Rahvin is dead. Bael and Sulin come to tell him that the Trollocs and Fades are running. He orders Bael to hunt them down.


  1. He has Traveled to Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh.
  2. It is curious that his injuries did not disappear when he balefires Rahvin. Is this a peculiarity of Tel'aran'rhiod or does it mean that someone else set the fishpond trap? At signings, Jordan has stated that this effect is an artifact of Tel'aran'rhiod, not an indication of another conspirator.
  3. Robert Jordan confirmed that this fulfulls Mat's destiny to die and live again. But is he still linked to the Horn of Valere or was the link severed?


Death of Rahvin by Mark Bray
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