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TGH: Chapter 18

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The White Tower


Egwene POV - The River Queen speeds down the River Erinin toward Tar Valon. They will arrive later today. The wind has been steady since Medo. Egwene visits with Nynaeve who is seasick. Egwene is still dreaming about Rand being in danger and the masked man.1 Now he laughs at her. Anaiya is not much help. Egwene is sure she should not tell Anaiya about the masked man. Siuan comes in to give them their lessons. She binds Nynaeve and Egwene with Air to make a point and to get Nynaeve angry. Nynaeve slams her against a wall whereupon Siuan shields her and makes her swallow something nasty. Siuan says the records say that Aes Sedai could fly in the Age of Legends, but not how.2 The lesson continues. After the lesson is over, the boat arrives at Tar Valon.3 There is a detailed description of the city. After waiting a while, Sheriam meets them at the dock. She says she was delayed speaking with Siuan. Siuan told Sheriam all about Nynaeve's embarrassing lesson. There are only forty novices in the White Tower and only eight or nine of those will make Accepted.4 She leads them to the White Tower.


  1. Ba'alzamon
  2. Most likely by sho-wing or other mechanical means.
  3. Others who arrive at Tar Valon include Alanna, Alviarin Carlinya, Leane, Maigan, Serafelle, Ihvon and Owein.
  4. Twenty years earlier there were more than twice as many. (NS,Ch3) Their numbers are dwindling rapidly.

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