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TGH: Chapter 46

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To Come Out of the Shadow


Nynaeve POV - As Nynaeve, Elayne and Min go to rescue Egwene, they hear shouting from Turak's house. Min leads them to Egwene's room. Egwene dreamed that Rand was nearby. Egwene figured out that sul'dam can channel, too. Renna enters and they put Egwene's a'dam on her. They leave Seta and Renna collared. Egwene wants to get Bela, but Nynaeve tells her they are leaving by ship. They leave the building and realize the streets are empty. Soldiers approach and Egwene attacks them. A retaliatory fireball explodes and Nynaeve and Elayne are separated from Min and Egwene.

Bayle Domon POV - The explosions have the crew of the Spray in a panic A crewman, Aedwin Cole, wants to cut the ropes and Yarin agrees. Bayle Domon says they will wait.

Geofram Bornhald POV - Geofram Bornhald sees the lightning over Falme. He sends Byar away with the messages and prepares to march the Whitecloaks into battle.

Rand POV - Rand is with Ingtar in an alley. Mat, Perrin and Hurin are at the other end of the alley. Rand has odd feelings of danger from important threads being threatened. Ingtar admits letting in the Gray Man at Fal Dara. He did not know what would happen. He still does not know if Rand or Siuan was the target. He says it seemed logical.1 The Shadow is better than oblivion like Caralain and Hardan. Ingtar wanted the Horn so he could return to the Light. Ingtar saw nasty futures in the Portal Stone. He sacrifices himself guarding the alley so the other four can escape.


  1. Is this statement a hint that he was subverted by one of the White Ajah?

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