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TGH: Chapter 48

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First Claiming


Min POV - Min is separated from the others. She feels drawn to go a certain way. She saw the Spray leaving and does not blame Bayle Domon. She sees Birgitte and Artur Hawkwing. She feels drawn into a certain house and finds Rand in the garden. His sword is melted and it burned his hand giving him the second heron mark. He is very cold and has a cauterized wound in his side. She drags him upstairs and gets in bed with him to warm him. Egwene walks in. She and Elayne also felt drawn, but Nynaeve did not.1 They found Bela and the other horses. Egwene leaves to get Nynaeve. Lanfear shows up and tells Min he is Lews Therin, the Dragon Reborn. She says, "Ishamael thinks he controls events, but I do." She brushes Rand's forehead and he stirs.2 She tells Min to tend Rand till she comes for him then she vanishes.3

Jaret Byar POV - Byar is galloping east. He saw the legion of Whitecloaks led by Geofram Bornhald wiped out. It must have been Darkfriends like Perrin who betrayed them. He must carry word of this to Dain Bornhald at Tar Valon, but even more importantly, he must carry word to Pedron Niall4 of what he saw in the sky.5


  1. It is not at all clear if there is any significance to the fact that, of the four girls, only Nynaeve did not feel drawn to Rand.
  2. She partially Healed him. (TGH,Ch49)
  3. It is interesting that Min apparently does not have a viewing of Lanfear. Curious for someone so important in the Pattern.
  4. Geofram Bornhald ordered him to bring word to Dain Bornhald first (TGH,Ch44) but he chooses to carry word first to Amador. (TDR,Prologue)
  5. Rand battling Ba'alzamon.

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