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ToM: Chapter 37

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Darkness in the Tower


Gawyn POV � Gawyn is in the Royal Palace garden hours after he sent Egwene�s messenger back.1 He thinks maybe Elayne is right that he hates Rand out of jealousy. He admires Sleete for willingly stepping aside. He finally decides that he must accept the secondary role with Egwene as her Warder and not have the lead. He goes to say goodbye to Elayne, but Birgitte says she is asleep.2 He realizes that she is probably meeting Egwene in the dream world which means Egwene is asleep and vulnerable to attack. He rushes to the Traveling room and an Aes Sedai opens a gateway to the White Tower. The gateway vanishes just after he steps through.3

Egwene POV � Egwene, Leane and the Wise Ones arrive at the base of the White Tower where Saerin, Morvrin and Brendas report. Shevan and Carlinya are dead. Alviarin and others blasted through a wall with Fire. Nynaeve is still fighting. Amys sends Brendas out of the dream to wake the others to take them out of danger. Only Egwene, Nynaeve, Leane and Siuan will remain. Per Egwene�s orders Saerin tries to leave for someplace safe but she cannot Bair is skeptical, but she cannot leave either. They are trapped. They see through a window that the sky is now violet. Hopefully Mesaana is trapped as well.

Perrin POV � Slayer confronts Perrin in Tar Valon. He wants the dreamspike back. He goads Perrin but Perrin is not taken in. Slayer says Luc hates him deeply but Slayer does not.4 Slayer attacks.

Gawyn POV � Gawyn runs through the White Tower and Mazone and Celark join him. They run to Egwene�s quarters and enter. There are two Bloodknives there. Mazone goes for help while Celark helps Gawyn the two assassins kill Celark. Gawyn hears a sound in the anteroom and thinks help has come, but he sees Mazone dead and another assassin enters.

Perrin POV � Perrin lets the wolf in him free as he and Slayer maneuver and fight. An arrow from Slayer slices free the pouch where Perrin had the dreamspike and Slayer gets it. He starts to run but Hopper lands on him. Slayer flees and Perrin and Hopper follow.

Egwene POV � Egwene and the Black Ajah stalk each other in the White Tower. Egwene spots Evanellein and Mestra and kills Mestra. Mesaana appears and Egwene flees to her rooms. Nynaeve appears. She killed Notori and saw Alviarin. They hunt some more and Egwene kills Sedore. Bair joins them. She is far more skilled at hunting and disguise.

Perrin POV � Perrin chases Slayer into the White Tower. He sees Aes Sedai fighting, recognizes Egwene and calls to her. She tries to bind him but he easily frees himself.5 A woman appears and weaves balefire but Perrin wills it to miss. Egwene is astounded. She brings the wall down on the woman.6 He warns Egwene to leave then feels pain from Hopper.

Gawyn POV � Gawyn is growing weak from his wounds. He has an inspiration. The Bloodknives can hide in shadow and there can only be shadow with light. He smashes the lantern and the room is totally black. Using all his skill he kills the three assassins. Badly wounded, he passes out beside Egwene�s bed.

Mesaana POV � Katerine kneels before Mesaana. She stripes Katerine for failing to find the dreamspike. She wants the dreamspike as badly as she wants to control Egwene. She cannot imaging how the Aes Sedai found a dreamspike.7 She orders Katerine to find Egwene as she must know where it is. But first she places a weave on Katerine.8

Perrin POV � Perrin appears at the top of the White Tower where Slayer holds a wounded Hopper. He throws Hopper off the tower. Perrin leaps after but Slayer grabs him and they grapple as they fall. Slayer stabs Perrin in the arm but Perrin breaks free. He imagines himself on the ground and catches Hopper but Slayer fires an arrow that goes through Hopper�s back and Perrin�s thigh. Perrin is weak. He manages to restore himself somewhat but still cannot fight Slayer. He senses terror. It is a nightmare. He slams into Slayer and they both fall into the nightmare.


  1. The messenger never made it.
  2. She is actually spending a frustrating night vainly trying to channel. (ToM,Ch45)
  3. Because Perrin just arrived with the dreamspike.
  4. This is a curious statement. Why would Luc hate Perrin more than Isam does? Slayer wore Isam�s form when Perrin nearly killed him.
  5. Ironic that after all her practice in Tel'aran'rhiod Perrin seems to already be more skilled that Egwene and manipulating the dream.
  6. Who?
  7. Completely misunderstanding what is going on.
  8. We learn what this weave is in ToM,Ch38.

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