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ToM: Chapter 41

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An Unexpected Ally


Galad POV � Galad and Bornhald run to their horses and Galad mounts Stout. They see arrows fall, but not on their camp. The arrows hit an army of approaching Trollocs. This splits the Trollocs� attention and Galad begins to order the Whitecloak defense. Byar rides up saying Perrin brought the Trollocs. Even Bornhald is confused as to why he would be so many only to slaughter them. Still, it is coincidence that Perrin and the Trollocs arrived at the same time. Galad is wary.

Perrin POV � Faile asks Perrin how he knew. He explains that it all fits, the dome trapping them, Gill being persuaded to take the Jehannah Road. It was a plot designed to put Perrin�s army where the Whitecloaks now are. He thinks there must be a Portal Stone nearby. He orders the women to stay back but does not understand why Berelain smells so worried.1 Grady says he still detects channeling off and on. Someone is jumping in fists of Trollocs then returning, someone strong but not terribly so.2 Perrin says he will not abandon the Whitecloaks the way they abandoned the Two Rivers. Perrin raises Mah'alleinir and joins the attack.

Galad POV � Galad fights the Trollocs but Stout falls and Galad sprains his ankle badly. Bornhald is also unhorsed. Galad leads the charge though he knows Gareth Bryne would have stayed back to command. Galad is distressed to see that the Children of the Light are being wiped out. They have no special support of the Light. They are just men.

Perrin POV � Gallenne and Perrin lead the attack from the heights. His hammer seems to burn the Trollocs. Perrin reins Stepper and Arganda joins them. They are losing a few men but they are wiping out the Trollocs. Jori Congar reports that the Trollocs and Myrddraal are focusing on the Whitecloaks and it is going badly for them. Perrin signals and the Asha'man, Wise Ones and Aes Sedai begin attacking in earnest. Perrin leads the charge downhill to rescue the Whitecloaks.

Galad POV � Galad sees Perrin leading his army into the backs of the Trollocs. Trom helps rally the legion. Galad falls and his weakened ankle breaks. Perrin arrives and he and Bornhald help Galad onto Stepper. He can see that the tide has turned. Galad voices his suspicions and Perrin replies that the Trollocs were after him. Galad names Perrin�s punishment, a blood price to the dead Whitecloaks� families and a promise to fight in the Last Battle. Perrin says that is fair. There is a shout behind Perrin and Byar tries to kill him, but Bornhald kills Byar instead.3 He leaves, still looking hateful. Galad says it will be hard for him to accept what he has done. They turn back to killing Trollocs.


  1. He apparently missed Berelain and Galad making goo-goo eyes at each other.
  2. Again the question, who? Graendal also has Dreadlords at her command?
  3. Byar was Graendal's final tool. (ToM,Ch38, ToM,Epilogue) That raises the question of whether or not Byar was actually a Darkfriend himself or if he was "convinced" to kill Perrin perhaps like Masema was. Given his hatred of Perrin right from the start, even before any of the Forsaken were free, the latter seems most likely.

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