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ToM: Chapter 7

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Lighter than a Feather


Lan POV � Lan and Bulen have been traveling for weeks and they are now on the Plain of Lances near the border between Kandor and Saldaea. Lan bought Bulen a horse and he still has his pack horse Scouter. Bulen suggests they go south at Berndt Crossroads then east to South Mettler, a much better road, but Lan declines. They pass an inn and three men from the inn follow. Lan is prepared for bandits but they see two of them wearing hadori. They are Andere, Nazar and Rakim. Lan refuses to let them join him, but the three decide to ride the same direction anyway. Lan grudgingly rides Mandarb on.

Galad POV � Galad is eating his morning meal when Byar comes from scouting Perrin�s camp. They fly the flags of Ghealdan and Mayene. The wolf head banner is no longer up. Byar insists that Perrin killed Bornhald senior. He is from the Two Rivers. Galad remembers that is Rand�s home as well.

Perrin POV � Perrin eats a ham chop for breakfast and Faile thinks it is gross. She refuses to wear her golden belts anymore.1 She carries a blue stone on a cord.2 She is breakfasting with Alliandre. They remain camped on the Jehannah Road with the Whitecloak army blocking their path to Lugard. Gaul enters to make a report

Galad POV � Byar tells Galad that they fought Trollocs in the Two Rivers. Niall sent them for that purpose. The Two Rivers is full of Darkfriends. He says even farmers can be dangerous and Galad ruefully agrees.3 He is certain that Perrin is Shadowspawn and that he brought the Trollocs. He also killed two Children of the Light in Andor when he was under Geofram Bornhald. Oratar and Bornhald can confirm the stories.

Perrin POV � Gaul reports that the Whitecloaks are holding their people. Elyas recognized Basel Gill. Sulin reported the same. Gaul is having trouble with both Bain and Chiad as gai'shain. They also saw a banner over the camp and drew a picture. Sebban Balwer says it means that the Lord Captain Commander is in the camp. Perrin remembers meeting a Lord Captain the night Hopper died. The first time he killed a man.

Galad POV � Byar presses Galad and he agrees that Perrin must be brought to justice. Alliandre has sworn fealty to him. They may be able to make Ghealdan the new home of the Children of the Light.

Perrin POV � Perrin thinks the Whitecloaks here must be his ta'veren effect. He cannot escape his past. They have twenty thousand soldiers, not as many as Perrin. And they have no channelers.

Galad POV � Galad agrees that they must move against Perrin.

Perrin POV � Perrin orders that they find a better place to camp, send more scouts and offer parley. They must free Gill and the others.


  1. Sevanna forced her to wear a golden belt as a sign of ownership.
  2. Her remembrance of Rolan. (TGS,Ch21)
  3. Remembering the trouncing that Mat gave him and Gawyn. (TDR,Ch24)

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