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TSR: Chapter 47

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The Truth of a Viewing


Siuan Sanche POV - Siuan is in her study reviewing reports. Laras has not been paying enough attention to the kitchen accounts. She is irritated that Danelle of the Brown Ajah has allowed Master Jovarin, the mason, to hire way too many men to work on the library. She is mostly irritated that there has been no more news from Moiraine even though it has been weeks.1 There is a report that Sahra vanished along with the owner of the farm to which she was sent. Another report says that Masema is preaching in Ghealdan. Mazrim Taim is still on the loose. Two sisters disappeared in Illian and one in Caemlyn.2 The Hall voted unanimously to acknowledge Rand as the Dragon Reborn. Elaida and others agreed with Siuan that the matter should be kept within the Hall. She convinced them not to send a delegation to Tear by telling them there was already an Aes Sedai with him. The door slams open and over a dozen Aes Sedai enter led by Elaida.3 Many are Red, but they also include Alviarin, Danelle, Joline Maza of the Green Ajah and Shemerin of the Yellow Ajah.4 Only the Blue is not represented. They shield and bind Siuan and Elaida accuses her of treason. As they lead her out, she sees Leane also bound and her Warder, Alric, dying.5 Elaida orders them to be taken below.

Min POV - Min returns to the White Tower from shopping and hears fighting. Gawyn comes up leading a group of young men. He tells her to leave, Siuan was deposed this morning and Hammar is leading an attempt to free her. The young men call themselves the Younglings. She hides in the trees to wait.

Siuan Sanche POV - Siuan wakes in a cell. She is naked and has been badly beaten and stilled. Leane is there also. She has been beaten and stilled as well. No one has been confined in these cells since Bonwhin. They hear a key in the lock and stand up.

Min POV - As Min goes back to her room she encounters Laras. She winds up telling her that she intends to rescue Siuan and Laras agrees to help.6 They go to the dungeon and free Siuan and Leane. Min notes that they now look young instead of ageless and they no longer have auras.7 Laras goes back to the kitchen while the women dress. As they make their way through the White Tower, Min tells them what happened. The extra workmen were actually soldiers who tried to take over the White Tower. There was a fierce battle between the supporters of Siuan and Elaida. None of the Blue Ajah are left. Siuan asks about Anaiya and Sheriam, but Min does not know if they escaped. Elaida is blaming Mazrim Taim's escape on Siuan. Logain escaped as well. They see a group of Aes Sedai and Warders pass by. Elaida and Alviarin are wearing the Amyrlin's and Keeper's stoles respectively. They go outside and make their way to the stables where Bela and two other horses are saddled. Gawyn is waiting for them. Blood streaks his face exactly as in her viewing. He saw Min getting Bela saddled and knew something was up. Gawyn demands to know where Elayne and Egwene are. Siuan, who can now lie, tells him they are with an Aes Sedai, Mara Tomanes, in Illian. Gawyn is torn, but says he will let them escape just in case he needs more information from them. Several Younglings join them and Gawyn leads them to the Alindrelle Gates and writes orders to let them leave the White Tower grounds. The guards have orders to let no one pass, but they are afraid of Gawyn because he killed Hammar and Coulin. Before they leave Gawyn, Min has another viewing of him:

They pass through the gate and head toward one of the bridges. Siuan has found that she can lie. She made up the story about Mara Tomanes who was a childhood friend of hers. On the way, they encounter Logain who agrees to join them. Min has the same viewing of him again:


  1. Moiraine sent numerous messages. They must have been intercepted. (TSR,Ch6)
  2. Is this just Sammael and Rahvin cleaning house or something else?
  3. Elaida was recently elected to Sitter for the Red Ajah with the help of Galina Casban. (Tor Q&A)
  4. Others include Andaya, Evanellein, Javindhra and Teslyn. (TFoH,Prologue)
  5. In his blog, Jordan clarified that Alric ran into the anteroom and was stabbed only a moment before Siuan was led out. He is not yet dead. Her awareness of his stabbing was overwhelmed by her shock at being arrested.
  6. The scene starts with Min and Laras in the dungeon. Min's return to the White Tower to find Laras happens off camera.
  7. So the constant images and auras around Aes Sedai are clearly linked with the ability to channel the One Power.

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