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Alanna Mosvani

Pronunciation: al-LAN-nah mos-VANH-nie

An Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. She is Arafellin. Her two Warders are Ihvon and Owein. She also bonds Rand as a Warder.

Physical Description

She is shy at heart but works at being fierce. (NS,Ch3) She is dark and fiery. (TGH,Ch4) She is beautiful with long black hair and penetrating dark eyes. (TSR,Ch31) She is slim, dark and pretty. (ACoS,Ch2) She has big, dark, penetrating eyes. (ACoS,Ch34) She wears a gray riding dress slashed with green. (KoD,Ch21)
full scale picture Alanna Mosvani by Richard Boyé


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