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Pronunciation: ber-GEET-teh

aka: Joana, Maerion, Teadra, Birgitte Trahelion

One of the Heroes of the Horn. She was physically forced into the real world by Moghedien then bonded by Elayne.

Physical Description

She has long golden hair intricately braided. (TSR,Ch39) She is even taller than Elayne. (TFoH,Ch36) She wears her golden hair in a waist-long braid. (ACoS,Ch13) She has blue eyes. (ACoS,Ch21)
full scale picture Birgitte by Richard Boyé


Other References

Birgitte's Sayings

Birgitte has a habit of referencing experiences in her earlier lives, most of which are only mentioned once and are probably from earlier Ages.

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