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Lady Caraline of House Damodred

A Cairhienin noblewoman. She is High Seat of House Damodred. She wears slashes of red and green and white to her knees.

Physical Description

She is short and slender with a pale beauty. She has large dark eyes. She wears a kesiera. She strongly resembles Moiraine, but has a throaty, sultry voice. (ACoS,Ch35) She is short, slim and pale, with large dark eyes and a small ruby dangling onto her forehead from a golden chain woven into the black hair falling in waves to her shoulders. She has taken to wearing the new style, a long blue coat, embroidered in golden scrolls except for the horizontal stripes of red, green and white that run from neck to hem, over snug green breeches and heeled blue boots. (KoD,Ch21) Her kesiera is a white opal on a golden chain. (TGS,Ch42)


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