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Pronunciation: LAN-feer

aka: Mierin Eronaile, Selene, Silvie, Keille Shaogi
Pronunciation: seh-LEEN, KEYEL-lee shah-OH-ghe

The wolf name for Lanfear is Moonhunter.

One of the Forsaken. Her real name was Mierin Eronaile. The translation of the Old Tongue name Lanfear is "Daughter of the Night."

Physical Description

She is incredibly beautiful and graceful. She has pale, smooth skin, long, black hair and eyes dark as night. She dresses in white with silver jewelry. (TGH,Ch48) She is tall and slender with dark eyes and shoulder-length black hair. (TFoH,Prologue)

As Sylvie, she is an ugly old crone with a sharp chin, sharp nose and lots of hairy warts. (TDR,Ch27)

As Keille Shaogi, she is short and immensely fat with black eyes and coarse black hair, but she still has her husky, melodious voice. (TSR,Ch36)

Lanfear in the Age of Legends
- by Dabel Brothers Production
Lanfear 998 NE


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