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Matrim Cauthon

Pronunciation: MAT-trim CAW-thon

aka: Mat, Thom Grinwell

A ta'veren. He was born and raised in Emond's Field. His father and mother are Abell Cauthon and Natti Cauthon. He has two sisters, Bodewhin Cauthon and Eldrin Cauthon. See below for more information about Mat's dice.

Physical Description

He has a wiry body and brown eyes. (TEotW,Ch1) He is long-limbed as a stork. (TGH,Ch3) He is about 5'11" or 6' and about 180 pounds.


Other References

The Dice in Mat's Head

Mat often feels dice tumbling in his head. It is not exactly clear what triggers them to start, but they usually stop at a crucial event or decision. Here is a list of references.

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