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Lady Moiraine of House Damodred

Pronunciation: mwah-RAIN DAH-moh-drehd

aka: Alys, Mari

An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. Her Warder is Lan. She is a Cairhienin noble of high rank in House Damodred, daughter of Dalresin Damodred, youngest half-sister of Taringail Damodred and niece of King Laman Damodred. Her House colors are red, green and white. Her older sisters are Anvaere and Innloine.

Physical Description

She has large, dark eyes and dark hair hanging in ringlets. She is barely tall enough to come up to Rand's chest. A delicate gold chain fastened in her hair supports a small, sparkling blue stone in the middle of her forehead. (TEotW,Ch2) When she was young she was impetuous and hot-tempered. (NS,Ch2) She is about 5' or 5'2".
full scale picture Moiraine Damodred by Richard Boyé


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