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Erith daughter of Iva daughter of Alar

An Ogier of Stedding Tsofu. Loial's wife-to-be. Daughter of Iva and granddaughter of Alar.

Physical Description

She is shorter than Loial, still head and shoulders taller than Rand, with shorter eyebrows and more delicate features. (TGH,Ch35) Her mouth is straight, her nose short and well-rounded, her eyes the exact color of a silverbell's ripe seedpod. In short, she is beautiful. Her ears, sticking up through the glossy black hair that hung down her back. . . . Curving and plump, tipped with fine tufts that looked as soft as dandelion down, they were the most gorgeous ears Loial has ever seen. (KoD,Ch19)

full scale picture Erith by Richard Boyé


Other References

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