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Perrin Aybara

Pronunciation: PEHR-rihn ay-BAHR-ah

aka: Sei'cair, Young Bull

A friend of Mat and Rand. A ta'veren. He is from a farm east of Emond's Field, apprenticed to blacksmith Haral Luhhan. His father and mother are Con Aybara and Joslyn Aybara. He has two younger sisters, Adora and Deselle, and a younger brother, Paet.

Physical Description

He is half a head shorter than Rand and stocky with thick arms and shoulders. He has curly brown hair. (TEotW,Ch3) His eyes were dark brown before becoming a Wolfbrother. (TGH,Ch14) He is about 6'1" or 6'2" and about 235 to 240 pounds.
full scale picture Perrin Aybara by Richard Boyé


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