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Siuan Sanche

Pronunciation: SWAHN SAHN-chay

aka: Mara Tomanes

Born a Tairen fisherwoman. Became the Amyrlin Seat raised from the Blue Ajah. Was deposed by Elaida. Her Warder was Alric.

Physical Description

She is handsome, pretty when she smiles. She is a hand taller than Moiraine with fair skin and blue eyes. (NS,Ch2) She has dark hair. (TGH,Ch2)She is of medium height, handsome with a strong face and blue eyes. (TGH,Ch4) Since she was stilled she looks young enough to pass for an Accepted or even a novice. (ACoS,Ch8) She has fair skin and blue eyes. (ACoS,Ch9) She is pretty, if not quite beautiful, with a delicate mouth and dark glossy hair to her shoulders. (CoT,Ch18)
full scale picture Gareth and Siuan by Richard Boyé


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