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High Lord Weiramon of House Saniago

A High Lord of Tear. Rand feels he is "brave enough when it came to battle, but a pure blind idiot unable to think beyond the glory of the charge, his hatred of Illianers, his contempt for Cairhienin and Aiel 'savages'." (LoC,Ch4) His banner is the silver Crescent-and-Stars. It lacks only a few stars to duplicate Lanfear's.

Physical Description

He wears an oiled beard and his hair is streaked gray. He is not short for a Tairen, a head shorter than Rand. (LoC,Ch4) His hair is combed in a vain attempt to hide its thinness. He has a long nose. (TFoH,Ch41) High Lord Tolmeran is lean enough to make Weiramon appear bulky. (TPoD,Ch13) He is not short, and he stands as straight as a sword. There is something of a strutting rooster about him. His gray-streaked beard is trimmed to a point and oiled. (KoD,Ch21)


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