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If you want a local copy of Encyclopaedia WoT on your desktop or laptop, here is the page where you can download. You may download a copy of the Encyclopaedia WoT, provided that:

Note also that this site will be frequently updated.

With that in mind, here are the ZIP files. TOP refers to the top level directory into which you will unzip these files. It might, for example, refer to 'C:\Program Files\ewot'.

ItemZipped SizeUnzipped SizeLast ModifiedUnzip Into
The top level of files0.1 MB0.2 MBSept 2012TOP
main0.2 MB0.6 MBSept 2012TOP/main
books2 MB6 MBSept 2012TOP/books
characters a-k2 MB6 MBSept 2012TOP/characters
characters l-z2 MB6 MBSept 2012TOP/characters
creatures0.2 MB0.6 MBSept 2012TOP/creatures
geography0.6 MB2 MBSept 2012TOP/geography
graphics9 MB9 MBSept 2012TOP/graphics
history0.2 MB0.5 MBSept 2012TOP/history
items0.2 KB0.5 MBSept 2012TOP/items
organizations0.3 KB1 MBSept 2012TOP/organizations
prophecies0.1 MB0.1 MBSept 2012TOP/prophecies
sounds2 MB6 MBSept 2012TOP/sounds

Unzipping Difficulty

Having difficulty unzipping the zip file? In some cases, the zip utility that is built into Windows determines that the WoT zip files are from a "foreign" computer and are a security risk. The zip file seems to open but appears to be empty. If this happens, try using a standalone zip utility such as Winzip.

The Wheel of Time FAQ

The latest and greatest version of the Wheel of Time FAQ was released in October 2010. It will only be online for now, but we expect there to be a downloadable edition in the future. All the FAQ links in Encyclopaedia WoT through ToM are updated. Please let us know if we missed one!

Please note: The Wheel of Time FAQ is copyright 2004 by Leigh Butler, Pamela Korda and Erica Sadun, copyright 2010 by Dragonmount.com. Comments and questions regarding the content should be directed to Jennifer at Jennifer.Liang at gmail.com.

The Wheel of Time FAQ is not affiliated with Encyclopaedia WoT.

Search * Books * History * Geography * Characters
Organizations * Items * Prophecies * Templates

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