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Ebou Dar

Map: A map of Ebou Dar is available in ACoS hc p. 252, pb p. 314, and in the Guide, p. 267. There is a large map of Ebou Dar in TWoTRPG, p. 265.

Ebou Dar is the capital of Altara. It is ruled by Queen Tylin, but her control does not extend far beyond the city. It sits on the southern coast of Altara at the mouth of the Eldar River and is a major port frequented by the Sea Folk. Most of the city lies on the west side of the river but a large slum area known as the Rahad lies on the east side. Most of the buildings in Ebou Dar are white and there are many canals. There are many large squares with statues in the middle.

Wise Women

Ebou Dar is famous for its herbalists and healers who are called Wise Women. They wear distinctive red belts and carry great authority.

Stores, Inns, Manor Houses



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