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Pronunciation: AN-door

Map: A map of Andor is available in TEotW hc p. 144, pb p. 172, and in the Guide, p. 241.


Andor is located in the center of the Westlands. Murandy is to the south. Its western border is the Mountains of Mist. Its eastern border is the Erinin River. To the north is the Caralain Grass. The sign of Andor is the White Lion.

Ruling Body

Andor is ruled by a queen.
Past and current rulers:

Rand has held Andor for Elayne since Morgase's disappearance. Elayne has since returned to Caemlyn, although she has not been crowned.

Noble Houses

As with most nations of the Westlands, there are numerous strong noble Houses that wield influence. In Andor there are nineteen strong Houses as well as some four hundred minor Houses. Known Houses are listed below.

HouseSignHigh SeatOthersHouseSignHigh SeatOthers
AnsharRed FoxKarindMarneFour MoonsArymilla
ArawnTriple KeysNaeanNorthanBlack EaglesConail
BarynWinged HammerLirAedelleNorwelynSilver SalmonLuan
CaerenStar & SwordNasinMiedelle, SylvasePendarGolden StarsAbelle
CandraedDanineRensharGolden HoundsArathelle
CarandGolden ArrowsAemlynCulhanSarandGolden BoarsJaridElenia
CoelanRed RosesPelivarTaravinOwl & OakDyelin
GilyardRed LeopardsBranletMayvTraemaneWhite StagEllorien
HaevinBlue BearCatalynArendor, EvelleTrakandKeystoneMorgaseElayne, Gawyn, Maighdin
MantearSilver AnvilPerivalMordrellen, Tigraine, Luc, Willin

Minor Houses

  • Ankarin - Carlys
  • Armaghn - Dawlin
  • Maran - Jailin
  • Matherin - Aedmun, Nelein
  • Raened - Daerilla
  • Talkend - Eram




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