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Tar Valon

Pronunciation: TAHR vah-LOHN (The pronunciation in the glossaries is incorrect.)

Map: A map of Tar Valon is available in TDR hc p. 105, pb p. 146, and in the Guide, p. 212. There is a large map of Tar Valon in TWoTRPG, p. 275.

A city on an island in the River Erinin. The west and east branches of the river are called the Alindrelle Erinin and the Osendrelle Erinin respectively. Six great bridges span the rivers and there are small villages at the base of each, Jualdhe, Darein and Alindaer (the Alindaer Bridge) to the west and Luagde, Daghain and Osenrein (the Ostrein Bridge) to the east. There are other small villages nearby on the mainland such as Dorlan and Eldone Market.

The city is surrounded by tall white walls known as the Shining Walls. Most of the city was built by Ogier. Even inns and shops look more like palaces. Many buildings are artfully designed to look like breaking waves, shells and other designs that all fit together as a whole. There are many open squares with fountains and trees.

Tar Valon is the center of Aes Sedai power, and the location of the White Tower.

Surrounding Villages

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