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Pronunciation: TAH-rah-BON


Tarabon lies on the west coast of the Westlands on the Aryth Ocean.

In FY 1006, three nobles of Hawkwing's regional government, Lord Haren Maseed, Lady Tazenia Nerenhald and Lord Boral Amadia, took Tanchico and formed a nation. Lord Boral was murdered. Tazenia became Queen and Haren became Panarch. By 500 NE a tradition of male King and female Panarch was established.

Ruling Body

Ruled jointly by the Panarch and King, always of the opposite sex. The King is hereditary and the Panarch is elected by the Assembly of Lords. The Panarch wears the Crown of the Tree made of gold trefoil leaves and a stole embroidered with trees.

Past and Present Kings:

Past and Present Panarchs:



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