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Pronunciation: tan-CHEE-coh

Tanchico is the capital of Tarabon. It lies on the Aryth Ocean at the mouth of the River Andahar. Tanchico is built on three hilly peninsulas extending south into Tanchico Bay. From east to west the peninsulas are named Verana, Maseta and Calpene. A dozen fortresses surround the harbor. The Great Circle on the Calpene is a huge gathering place for horse races or fireworks. The King's Circle is on the Maseta and the Panarch's Circle and Panarch's Palace are on the Verana. Tanchico is larger than Tear and maybe even Caemlyn. The Civil Watch keeps order in the city.

Map: A map of Tanchico is available in TSR hc p. 429, pb p. 618, and in the Guide, p. 275.

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