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Frequently Asked Questions

How many books will there be? When will Book 14 come out? Who killed Asmodean?
We're not omniscient nor do we purport to be a news site. The best places we've found for hot-off-the-press news are Tor.com Dragonmount.
I would like to browse the Encyclopaedia WoT while I'm off line. Do you have a downloadable version?
Yes, indeed. See our Download page. Also, if you download the Wheel of Time FAQ into the same directory, all the links from the Encyclopaedia WoT will still work.
I'd like to link to your page. Is there anything special I need to know?
Not really. Feel free to add a link to your page. Please use www.encyclopaedia-wot.org as the URL. For your convenience, I've created the following image to use with your link. Just save the image onto your site and add a hyperlink to it.
I've got a really cool WoT site. Will you cross-link to it?
Sorry, but no. Take a quick look at our External Links page and see how brief it is. We only list reference and art sites that we link throughout the site. One of the things we've tried to do at the Encyclopaedia WoT is not duplicate information that is readily available on other sites, and there are many extensive lists of WoT-related pages out there.
I have some great WoT art. Would you be interested in using it in the Encyclopaedia WoT?
Sorry again, but not at this time. There�s just too much going on with preparations for the final book.

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