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Pronunciation: tel-AYE-rahn-rhee-ODD

The World of Dreams


Those with the Talent of dreamwalking can enter Tel'aran'rhiod in their sleep and walk through the world of dreams. The ability to dreamwalk is not connected to the One Power. (ACoS,Ch10) The Wise Ones believe that male dreamwalkers are extremely rare. (ACoS,Ch10)

There are other ways one may enter the world of dreams. Certain ter'angreal allow the wearer to enter Tel'aran'rhiod. A channeler who is strong enough to Travel can open a gateway to Tel'aran'rhiod and enter it physically. The Wise Ones consider this a bad thing.

Between reality and Tel'aran'rhiod there is a gap which looks like space filled with stars. Each star is the dream of someone sleeping. A dreamwalker may also enter this gap. The dreamwalker may observe or even enter another's dream. The dreamwalker may drag someone into their own dream, but the Wise Ones consider this an evil thing.

Aes Sedai shield their dreams so they may not be spied on. Male channelers can also shield their dreams but the shield is different. A female shield is hard and clear while a male shield is murky and cloudy. (ACoS,Ch10)


The Talent of having dreams that foretell the future. This Talent is not connected to the One Power. (ACoS,Ch10) Dreaming is closely linked with Foretelling. (TGH,Ch12) For specific dreams see the section entitled Prophecies.


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