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Seanchan sul'dam refer to the a'dam connection to a damane as a link. (TGH,Ch46) Rahvin thinks he is stronger than Graendal, but she would link with Lanfear if he tried anything. (TFoH,Prologue) Asmodean teaches Rand about linking. Two men cannot link. It requires a woman. Strength increases with linking, but it is not additive. As many as thirteen women can link and they could then overwhelm any man. (TFoH,Ch3) Men are needed to take a link beyond thirteen, more than one to go beyond twenty-seven. (LoC,Prologue) Sammael offers to link with Graendal but she refuses. For a man and a woman, the woman must initiate the link but then give control to the man. (LoC,Ch6) The Salidar Aes Sedai link to form circles to battle a bubble of evil. Once someone joins a linked circle, they cannot leave the circle until the person leading the circle releases them. (LoC,Ch14)


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