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Gray Ajah

An Ajah of the Aes Sedai. The Gray are mediators, seeking harmony and consensus. Serancha Colvine is the Head Clerk of the Gray Ajah.


  • Adrielle (sides with White Tower)
  • Aisha Raveneos (deceased, NS,Ch18)
  • Akoure Vayet (sides with White Tower)
  • Alind Dyfelle (historical figure)
  • Andaya Forae (Sitter in the White Tower)
  • Annoura Larisen
  • Ashmanaille (sides with Salidar Aes Sedai)
  • Beonin Marinye (spy for Elaida in Salidar)
  • Berisha Terakuni (sides with White Tower)
  • Coiren Saeldain (sides with White Tower)
  • Delana Mosalaine (Black Ajah, Sitter in Salidar)
  • Evanellein (sides with White Tower)
  • Jarna Malari (Black Ajah, deceased)
  • Jennet
  • Joiya Byir (Black Ajah, deceased TSR,Ch12)
  • Karale Sanghir (Black Ajah)
  • Kiyoshi (sides with White Tower)
  • Refernces

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