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Also called "Gaidin" (GYE-deen) = "Brother to Battles" in the Old Tongue

Warders are bonded (usually willingly) to Aes Sedai. It is considered almost rape to unwillingly bond someone. Most Warders are men, but women can be Warders as well. Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah often have more than one Warder. Though not done, a Warder can be bonded to more than one Aes Sedai and even non-channelers can be included. Red Ajah sisters have no Warders. Usually bonding is done by Aes Sedai, but Accepted, and theoretically novices and other channelers can bond a Warder if they know the proper weave.

The bond helps both the Aes Sedai and the Warder. They can read each others feelings (empathic ability). The Warder can also draw upon strength from his Aes Sedai. The Warder in turn protects the Aes Sedai from physical dangers.

Although it is possible to release the bond, it is considered a permanent commitment. An Aes Sedai who is on the verge of death may release the bond to spare her Warder grief, but to release the bond for the benefit of the Aes Sedai is considered disgraceful and is just not done.

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There are also lists of sword forms and some descriptions available at Jay's Home Page, Mahiro Shukosa's Guide to Sword-Forms and Greg's WoT House Rules

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