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The Kin

The Kin is an organization of women who can channel. Most were put out of the White Tower for one reason or another, usually for failing one of the many required tests. Others are runaways. Women who are wilders are not admitted. They also do not allow marriage. Their rank is established by age. The thirteen oldest Kin in Ebou Dar, known as the Eldest and the Elders, comprise the Knitting Circle or just Circle.

The Kin believe their existence to be unknown to the Aes Sedai. In reality, the Aes Sedai know of their existence and actually depend on the Kin to help catch and return runaways.

The Kin maintain a farm several miles northeast of Ebou Dar. Ostensibly a retreat for women, it serves as a cover for Kin coming and going from Ebou Dar. The hard work of the farm also makes excellent penance under the severe discipline system of the Kin.

Wise Women

Wise Women are residents of Ebou Dar who practice healing, herbs and cures. They wear a distinguishing red belt. Most are, in fact, members of the Kin who Heal using the One Power.


Knitting Circle

Other Members


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