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Atha'an Miere

Pronunciation: ah-thah-AHN mee-EHR

aka: Sea Folk

The Atha'an Miere or Sea Folk spend their entire lives on their ships. In particular, they consider it important to be born and to die on the water. This is tied into the Jendai Prophecy. They have very dark skin, straight black hair and black eyes. Men and women have tattoos and piercings. The tattoos identify their Clan. The number of piercings identify their rank. Men are clean shaven.

Ship - by Chi Cheung

The ruler of the Sea Folk is the Mistress of Ships, currently Nesta din Reas Two Moons. The Mistress of Ships holds as much power as many queens. The Master of the Blades, currently Baroc, is sometimes married to the Mistress of Ships and is responsible for trade and defense of the Sea Folk.

Like the Aiel, the Sea Folk are divided into numerous clans each headed by a Wavemistress. Her Swordmaster serves the same role within the clan as the Master of the Blades. Within a clan, each ship is captained by a Sailmistress. Her Cargomaster is responsible for the trade and defense of the ship. The Wavemistress of a clan is also the Sailmistress of her ship.

Each ship also has a Windfinder. Windfinders are able to channel and are highly skilled in Cloud Dancing which they call Weaving of Winds. (ACoS,Ch13)







Gift of Passage

"Let us talk, Sailmistress, of sailings and ports, and the gift of passage."

The Sea Folk do not charge for passage. It is a gift, which just coincidentally is exchanged for a gift of equal value.


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