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Pronunciation: SHAWN-CHAN

The inhabitants of Seanchan, the continent across the Aryth Ocean from the Westlands.

a'dam, damane, marath'damane, sul'dam

a'dam: AYE-dam
damane: dah-MAH-nee
sul'dam: SOOL-dam

An a'dam is a device for controlling women who can channel, consisting of a collar and bracelet linked by a leash, all of silvery metal. It has no effect on a woman who cannot channel. A sul'dam ("leash holder") is the term for a woman with the ability to control, by means of an a'dam, a woman who can channel. It is a fairly honored position among the Seanchan. Damane ("leashed one") are women who can channel and are controlled by use of an a'dam. Women who can channel but who have not yet been made damane are called marath'damane ("Those Who Must Be Leashed"). (Glossaries, TGH,Ch40)

full scale picture Sul'dam and Damane
by Richard Boyé

Armies of the Night

Luthair Paendrag's army quite naturally thought the fighting Aes Sedai and exotic creatures they found were Darkfriends and named them thusly.


Seeker for Truth

They are charged with Imperial Security. Most of the prisoners are held in the central imperial prison called the Tower of Ravens. The prison is located in Seandar. Seekers can be identified by raven and tower tattoos.

Daughter of the Nine Moons

The Return

The Seanchan have returned to the Westlands to reclaim the lands of their forefathers. The Corenne (koh-REEN-neh) or "Return" is led by the Hailene (heye-LEE-neh) or "Forerunners," "Those Who Come Before" to pave the way for the Rhyagelle (rheye-ah-GEHL) or "Homecomers," "Those Who Come Home." (TGH,Glossary, TGH,Ch29)


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